What would happen if a small coffee shop would open its doors for the single purpose of giving back globally?

We are Cause Coffee. The world is full of our fellow human beings who are in need of food, clean water, education and hope. There are 147 million orphans and human slavery is at an all time high. While we cannot stop it, we can make a difference one life at a time. What is our passion? It is to give help and hope to those in need.

Cause Coffee also wants to educate the community on coffee, sustainable growing, and fair/direct trade practices. All of the coffee, tea, and chocolate used at our facility will not have caused the suffering of another person. To the best of our knowledge, everything will be ethically sourced and we will give all revenue (after expenses) to needs globally. We are partnering with vendors who support our convictions... many of whom are local. We are also collaborating with local coffee shops, baristas, and artists who want to be on our global mission of giving back.

When you walk into our shop you want to feel "at home", consume something good, and have your world and vision for the hurting enlarged.