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Our Story

Hello, I am Tara Stucky, creator and operating manager of Cause Coffee located west of Kansas City. We opened our doors in March 2018 and it has been a crazy, blessed ride since! Business is great but more than that we are so humbled by the outpouring of support from the coffee communities of De Soto, the entire metro Kansas City area, and Lawrence. Cause Coffee is simply a dream that developed in my heart and mind as a way to combine my extreme love of quality coffee with my love for helping my fellow human beings in need. The world is full of huge needs but there are simple and practical things we can accomplish to change lives.

Cause Coffee exists to make a positive difference in developing nations through education, clean water wells, food and disaster relief crisis, orphan care, anti human slavery and more. The way we do this is simple. We are a very unique craft coffee shop because we are non-profit. When you walk through our doors it would appear like a normal for-profit craft shop but in reality everything we make (after expenses) we give back to global needs. Since we opened we have given generously toward desperate needs of a school in an impoverished area of Nicaragua; given to a home for abused children; given to area homeless; helped purchase school supplies for children in a remote area of Mexico; and given to help a village in Uganda have a clean water well. We have new and exciting projects every month!

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The way that we are able to give so much back is that our beautiful space is rent free so we do not have that overhead, and the biggest factor is every single worker at Cause Coffee, including myself, is a volunteer. Every barista is highly trained, donating their time for a greater purpose. I have baristas coming from numerous local craft coffee shops excited to use their skills to give back!

Cause Coffee also exists to help educate the community on true ethical sourcing and not using slave labor products. Our coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, vanilla and more are slavery free. We are excited to make a difference in people's awareness of this serious issue and we also strive to give each customer with a true craft coffee experience. Everything we use at Cause is ethically sourced. Even our coffee syrups are organic and fair trade... and oh, so good! We offer a wide variety of organic food and pastry choices with many gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and paleo options, as well. There are no GMO’s at Cause and it is a peanut free facility. 

We also are extremely passionate about our earth!!!! We use non-toxic soaps, cleaning products, compostable, and reusable items. We love protecting our environment by using pressed palm leaf plates and paper straws. We also use as much reusable material like stainless straws and glass, as possible. All leftover food and pastries are given to the homeless of KC and we compost our coffee grounds.
We also travel to other countries and make relationships with creative artists who have no outlets for their art. We meet with them, pay a more than fair price and then sell it back here. 100% of the sales goes to a special account and we reinvest it during the next trip. This is true direct trade.

And, an added bonus is we created a gathering spot for many. I work hard so that people can feel something magical when they walk through the doors... and maybe, just maybe, in the process our customers’ world can be expanded and their compassion for the hurting increased.❤️

Creator of Cause Coffee

For more of our story, follow us on Facebook and on Instagram @causecoffeekc.

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Who is Tara? I am just an average person adventuring after my dreams. I was trained at a craft coffee shop as a barista years ago and my love for coffee has just increased. My dream has always been to open a coffee shop, but that dream took a small detour. I married my first love, Jason, when I was 18 and I have never looked back. Twenty four years of marriage later we have raised 3 incredible kids and I have homeschooled them all. After seeing our kids grow and pursue their dreams, it is now time to pursue mine. Developing Cause Coffee has been a truly rewarding experience.

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Another passion of mine, besides coffee, is orphan care and adoption. Two of my children were adopted from India and I want to be an advocate for the orphan. When I started the process of adoption I wanted to bless these kids’ lives and change their future. I was not prepared for how they would bless me, inspire me, and change my world! When you come to Cause Coffee, you will see these two kids, along with my oldest daughter and son-in-law, serving countless hours and giving back to the world.  It gives me so much joy!

I live south of Lawrence, KS, with my family, two black labs and two rescued cats. I love where I live but also love to travel. When I am not in Kansas, you will probably find me in the mountains hiking and enjoying nature or in another city checking out a local coffee shop. I also love cooking, reading, and history. But, my favorite thing is running this coffee shop and taking care of YOU!